Komodo Tour – Labuhan Bajo

Komodo Island, one of the world’s most legendary wonders. Here you can watch these ancient animals roam in their original habitat. Most of Komodo are on Rinca island. Together with the rangers you can surround Rinca Island while taking pictures with the island ruler Komodo.

Besides that, in this Komodo tour you can also climb to the top of Padar Island which has a very beautiful and fascinating scenery. You can also do snorkeling on Manjarite Island and its surroundings while following this Komodo Tour.

Sailing and staying overnight on a boat for 3D2N will provide an unforgettable experience. You will feel like a true sailor and adventurer. Sleeping under the stars and blown by the night breeze will make this Komodo tour an unforgettable memory.

In addition, you will be treated to natural dances of bats that dance and run to fly foraging at dusk. So just prepare your eyes, memory and camera to capture all the natural beauty that is presented directly in front of your eyes.

Yes, this Komodo tour will not disappoint. Even you will regret, why not from the beginning come to this very beautiful place.

Come on, immediately find a ticket to Labuhan Bajo and immediately contact us to join this Komodo tour.


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